Stimulating the Privacy Opportunity discussion

Wish Will Way Foundation (WWWF) actively stimulates the discussion on the topic of ‘Privacy Opportunity’.

We believe that now is the time to understand that we all have the great opportunity to do it right when it comes to your personal privacy. In a more and more connected society we believe that article 1 and article 12 of the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights cannot be viewed separately. #Article12isArticle1. #Standup4humanrights #Youareyourprofile #Digitalrightshouse

List of initiatives

Initiatives we have taken to stimulate the 'Privacy Opportunity' discussion include:

>Creation of the story 'You are Your profile' (YaYp)

The story that you are a profile and not only have a profile when active online has been created. The promotion of the story is supported by partners.

>The Digital Rights House movement

This time needs a new foundation hence the metaphor 'house'. More on the status of the movement:

>My Trust Thinking

A model has been created to illustrate the challenges we face as humans in relation towards organisations that see value in your data. Do you want to know more about this thinking please reach out to Jake Blok via