The Wish Will Way Grant is a stimulation grant. In essence it is a financial contribution. Every year a select number of students receive a grant in combination with the work they do at the organisations we support. 

The grant is for the open, positive and ambitious.

Available grants (2021)

Topic: AI, privacy and bots. We aim to encourage a student research project and to stimulate the development of applications. (Academic level)

Topic: Trust and log on methods. We aim to encourage a student research project with the focus on creating overview in methods and applying a trust framework for assessment purposes.

New grant concept (Experimental mode)

We have decided to dive into the domain of 'Dignity & Food'.

Introducing the concept of the 'Food for Purpose' grant

We all need to eat of course. There is dignity in have 'choice' in what you eat and sometimes the 'little' things make a 'big' difference in how you feel, experience dignity.

More information will be made available in time.